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We are your one stop shop for your home heating needs. Here at CPS&S we pride ourselves on providing our customers with seasoned (NEVER green) hardwood. Our cords of wood are GUARANTEED to be 128 cubic feet (4' X 4' X 8'). 
Our "Mix" consists of Almond, Walnut and Cherry woods. All of these are hardwood. We NEVER mix softwood into our cords like other companies. We sell hardwood simply because hardwood burns better!! Check the BTU's 

Our Hardwood

Almond - 32.9 (million BTU)

Locally Sold Softwoods

Cedar - 16.0 (million BTU)
Cottonwood - 14.0 (million BTU)
Fir - 15.7 (million BTU)
Ponderosa Pine - 18.3 (million BTU)
​Lodgepole Pine - 17.3 (million BTU)

$$$$$ Prices $$$$$

Almond Per Cord - $420 plus delivery